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As a software house we search and study continuously for technology that might bring value to our customers problems and/or requirements.
Our DNA drives us on a constant search for the best, the fastest and most reliable tech solution. Our engineers deliver web based applications, that work together with mobile APPs that let you work wherever you are, with whatever device you might be using.
Our software is engineered to be easy to use and easy to integrate with other platforms. We deliver, out of the box, hundreds of Web Services that may be used to accelerate integration processes.
Our software solutions may be deployed either as Software as a Service (SaaS) or on premises. This is just a commercial and technological option since, strictly from a functionality point of view, both options deliver exactly the same options.

NextBitt FM

The nextbitt version for facilities management. Our platform adapts to the modern requirements of building management. We automate the incoming requests workflow, providing a streamline processes between the requester and the service provider, making sure that the facility manager is informed of every action that requires is attention or decision. SLA tracking is a simple and straight forward operation. Cost control and operational management become easy tasks. Our solution covers both, hard and soft services. As the market grows and expands to new requirements, our solution has the flexibility to adapt to new services. At present time we cover an impressive range of different kinds of services, from cleanings to pest control, from security to vending, HVAC to building construction and many others.

NextBitt AM

The NextBitt approach to capital intensive industries that need to control their assets lifecycle, from the day the purchase order to buy a new equipment is issued, registering breakdowns, preventive plans, inspections, safety procedures, etc. during all its life, until it's disposal. All along, the asset manager can easily track costs, staff scheduling, inventory parts, purchase management, ensuring that the operation stays productive and controlled.

NextBitt SM

Field Service Management is based on agility and ease of use. Our platform delivers a best of breed APP that makes work dispatching and reporting only take a few seconds. On the backoficce side, the operational control is complete, allowing for a 360º view of the operation, monitoring the backlog of each field technician, as well as a total control over each work order workflow. Nextbitt for @ndroid is a tool that works both on and off line, allowing work report and controlling on every situation, making possible to take photos and documenting the situation. In order to reduce errors and time in manual typing, it's also possible to use QR codes or NFC tags to automatically identify assets and facilities.

NextBitt AU

Audits Management is a very defying activity. Our platform is designed to allow maximum flexibility and ease of use in audit design and management. Users can define question blocks, each one with its own weight on the global audit, and with its own questions. For each question, the user can define its weight on the block. The platform delivers, out-of-the-box, a dashboard aimed at controlling average ratings by audit, customer, service type, etc.

Public Sector

Public sector is always demanding regarding IT Projects. We're experienced in working with governmental organizations, adapting our platform or developing special projects to deliver highly configurable solutions. We apply project management best practices, making sure that all milestones are achieved and the solution that was designed together between our team and the customers team, is delivered on time and on budget.

Smart Cities

Cities are getting smarter…. Today, managing public parks, pools, buildings, public lighting, roads and sidewalks, etc. requires an asset management software that streamlines the communication between the citizens and the organizations responsible for asset maintenance. The platform must integrate seamlessly with GIS, IoT systems and must be able to manage the communication between the citizens, the town council and the internal or external service providers that must solve the issue in due time. On the other hand, Nextbitt will be crucial helping in the difficult mission of ensuring that a complete and updated asset record file is easily maintained and managed.


Transports have been evolving in recent years, increasingly adopting technology as a means to reduce costs, improve service levels and operation control. Our team has worked with leading transport companies helping them to improve their asset management, and integrate it with GIS systems, GPS tracking platforms has well as telemetry devices, allowing for a complete on-line monitoring of their fleet.


The TELCO market is driven by massive capital asset investments, with a long lifecycle where the main concern is uptime, reduce TCO and maximize capital investment return. Our engineers have been working with some of the biggest international telecommunications operators, adapting and evolving our platform to answer to the highly demanding requirements defined in this market.


Our experience in the healthcare sector has been achieved through the projects where we've worked with leading organizations with multisite hospitals and clinics to leading life sciences research organizations. Our experience covers healthcare facilities projects, as well as medical equipment management projects.

Waste Management

Waste management has specific asset management  requirements. It's a very demanding economic activity where equipment reliability is crucial. Our team is experienced in projects with organizations that collect, treat, recycle and keep waste.


Industrial maintenance was one of the first economic sectors where asset management was identified as a substantial cost saving source. CMMS systems were on the front line when a software solution was needed. Nextbitt AM goes a step forward allowing for a complete Enterprise Asset Management to be done. You can have several organizations, with multiple sites and different requirements. Workforce management, spare parts inventory and purchase management are all integrated. Preventive maintenance and Inspections Plans can be set, making sure that downtime is as low as possible.

Facilities Management

Our software solution is a complete CAFM platform, that can be used by the facilities owner that want's to control all service providers and corresponding contracted SLA's as well as his tenants and requesters needs or, it can be used by a service provider that as many customers and contracts and needs to organize it's field technicians and make sure that every work is done on time, on budget and that his customer is informed on every workflow step.   Facilities management has evolved in recent years, from a simple and basic task, to a highly demanding activity boosted with technology. Our team of engineers has been leading several projects on this area with high complexity organizations.


NextBitt uses the best available technology to build the most reliable and easy to use solution to our customers.
NextBitt is a software company focused on all areas of Asset Management. Our solutions deliver value every day to companies that work on markets such as Facilities Management, Industrial Maintenance, Fleet Management, Waste management, Telco, and many others. Our aim is to deliver solutions that solve asset management issues, whatever market or industry you work on.
Our young team of engineers uses the best available technology to build the most reliable and easy to use solution to our customers problems. Our team develops web solutions, mobile apps as well as complex solutions integrating different technologies like NFC, RFID or any other that might add value to the solution.
Our vision is to build standard solutions that evolve with our customer's requirements as well as with the innovation that every day happens in the tech market.

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